That’s Portable Event Response Connectivity Hub Kits to you

With Morewave’s PERCH Kit, almost any facility with tables, chairs, and other basic amenities—power and Wi-Fi or cell coverage—can quickly become your EOC or special event headquarters. In critical situations requiring the evacuation of your EOC, PERCH Kits allow for the swift relocation and redeployment of your EOC to almost any other available facility.

Morewave’s highly mobile PERCH Kits give you robust phone, Wi-Fi, and data connectivity and storage from just about anywhere, all conveniently contained in rapidly deployable weatherproof hard cases. Our adaptable kits can include combinations of desk phones, remote access, personal devices, and computer interfaces.

PERCH Kits are simple to set up and use, and all PERCH services and hardware are backed by Morewave’s mighty engineering, support and vendor teams, providing 24/7 critical service support.

It’s internet connectivity when—and where—it counts.

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  • Rapidly deployable

  • Simple to set up and use

  • Customizable

  • Field-tested

  • Feature-rich desk phones include: find-me/follow-me, buddy monitoring, call parking, call transfer, voicemail-to-email, conference video and call bridges (personal or shared), and optional call recording

  • Call centre features: round robin queues, call hunt, wait times, user-initiated call back options, and interactive voice response messaging

  • Backed by 24/7 critical service support

Technical Details

  • Primary and redundant internet connectivity

  • Multiple connectivity options using bonding/link aggregation technology

  • Enterprise Wi-Fi options are included and can support more than 50+ connected devices

  • Public IP addresses even if behind multiple NAT firewalls using specialized tunnelling technology

  • Multiple phone numbers and multiple carrier support; not dependent on a single NPA/NXX telephone switch

  • Optional LEO satellite coverage

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