Telecommunications in the time of COVID-19

In these unprecedented times of social distancing, quarantining, and self-isolation, safely staying connected is paramount.

Morewave is a naturally-occurring team of remote workers. As we have years of first-hand experience operating a business as a remote workforce, we get how important it is for teams to stay connected, productive, and upbeat. It’s why so many of our business internet solutions are built specifically for remote work, are adaptable to remote work, or will help you convert your in-office setup to a work from home setup.

During this pandemic:

  • Our customer support is available 24/7 through our traditional yet COVID-19-friendly systems of phone and email.
  • We will fix issues remotely wherever and whenever possible.
  • If a product can be self-installed, we’ll get your sanitized product to you and arrange a phone or video chat to walk you through the installation process.
  • If a site visit is required, we’ll send the minimum number of team members required to complete your request, complete with PPE and hand sanitizer.
  • Before entering your workspace, we’ll screen you with the usual COVID-19 questions. For your own peace of mind, please feel free to screen us back.

Together, we’ve got this.