Business VoIP

Office phones—wait for it—on the internet!

VoIP phone systems have been the modern choice for office telephones for a while now, and for good reason. Compared to traditional phone systems, this internet-based digital phone system reaps cost savings and productivity benefits on all fronts: digital phone calls are cheaper or even free, you can easily add or remove users at will, and Morewave’s Business VoIP phone system comes with built-in redundancy ensuring consistent and constant connectivity. Build your VoIP system from a selection of essential desk phones, beefed up reception phones, PA systems, enterphones, and our app phone.

Morewave will supply, install, configure, maintain, and support your VoIP system for one simple monthly fee; all you have to purchase or lease are your phones. We also have a wide range of phones and features to choose from and we proudly support Yealink, Poly, Cisco, and SNOM products.


  • Cheaper calls, clearer voices

  • Low maintenance costs due to relatively light infrastructure

  • Completely scalable

  • Unlimited connectivity for local and remote users

  • Unlimited access to outgoing calling capability—the only limitation is the number of phones in your office

  • North America Unlimited calling plan option

Technical Details

  • Complete circuit failover with Morewave Access based on both PSTN landlines and VoIP

  • Truly open standards

  • No hard/soft user limits

  • High performance solid-state PBX hardware

  • Phone features: find-me/follow-me, buddy monitoring, call parking, call transfer, voicemail-to-email, conference call bridges, conference video bridges, optional call recording, and more

  • Call centre features: round robin queues, call hunt, wait times, user-initiated call back options, interactive voice response messaging, and more

Complementary Services

“I suspect you need more practice working your telephone machine.”

-C. Montgomery Burns